Poetry In Transit to launch at WOTS Vancouver 2010

August 31, 2010

We’re so excited and proud to have the Association of Book Publishers of BC launch the 2010 Poetry In Transit project at The Word On The Street Vancouver. We will have a reading for an hour in The Poetry Tent with a selection of poets and a bus on-site displaying the poetry cards. This year’s poets, as selected by the ABPBC, are:

  • John Barton | Hymn (Brick Books)
  • George Bowering | My Darling Nellie Grey (Talonbooks)
  • Kate Braid | Turning Left to the Ladies (Palimpsest Press)
  • Joe Denham | Windstorm (Nightwood Editions)
  • Daniela Elza | 4 poets (Mother Tongue Publishing)
  • Kuldip Gill | Valley Sutra (Caitlin Press)
  • Garry Gottfriedson | Skin Like Mine (Ronsdale Press)
  • Fiona Tinwei Lam | Enter the Chrysanthemum (Caitlin Press)
  • Evelyn Lau | Living Under Plastic (Oolichan Books)
  • Barry McKinnon | In the Millennium (New Star Books)
  • Steve Noyes | Morbidity & Ornament (Oolichan Books)
  • Miranda Pearson | Harbour (Oolichan Books)
  • Al Rempel | 4 poets (Mother Tongue Publishing)
  • Laisha Rosnau | Lousy Explorers (Nightwood Editions)
  • Simon Thompson | Why Does It Feel So Late? (New Star Books)
  • Fred Wah | is a door (Talonbooks)

We’re so thrilled that Evelyn Lau and Garry Gottfriedson are already scheduled to read in The Poetry Tent from these same books. Fiona Tinwei Lam is participating in the Ricepaper Magazine event and Steve Noyes is reading from his fiction book, It is Just That Your House Is So Far Away.Visit our website for Poetry Tent programming to see all that’s going on.

Stay tuned for PDFs of the poetry cards on the ABPBC website, and a list of poets joining us at the Poetry In Transit reading.


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