Gearing Up Around the ‘Net

September 22, 2010

Lots of buzz is going on for the authors appearing at The Word On The Street Vancouver. We hoped to share a few tidbits (for more frequent tidbits, follow us on Twitter).


This is a book trailer for Jack Whyte‘s new book, The Forest Laird: The Tale Of William Wallace. It’s the first in a new trilogy and the trailer is narrated by Jack himself.


Great article from The Georgia Straight went online today (hopefully in-print tomorrow) featuring quotes from Jen Currin and Jenn Farrell. My favourite quote is from Jen Currin as she described the festival for visitors:

“People come and listen to half a poem and then walk away. It’s not personal—it’s just part of the whole feel of the day. It’s like a buffet. You’re taking in a little here, a little there.”

Jenn Farrell likened the authors to one of many rings in a big circus! Read the full article online.


And here is a sneak peek of the book bags for this year’s Book Bag Treasure Hunt. We showed all our Twitter follows and Facebook fans earlier this week.

WOTS Vancouver 2010 Book Bags

Remember there are only 250 available so make sure to grab yours early at either Info Tent on site! For $20 you get to keep the bag and collect awesome goodies from 41 participating exhibitors during the festival.


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