Groovin’ along …

July 7, 2011

Every day, another author is booked! Here’s an updated list. (much more to come!)

Watch for more info, including our full program line-up, which includes presenters, exhibitors, musicians, roving performers, and more!

The Word On The Street is just 2 1/2 months away! (Sept. 25)

(And watch for more info about Saturday programming at Carnegie Centre, as well as special programming Friday night.)

Authors booked to date:
Carmen Aguirre Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter (D & M Publishers)
Gurjinder Basran Everything Was Goodbye (Mother Tongue Books)
Andrea Bellamy Sugar Snaps & Strawberries: Simple Solutions for Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden (Timber Press)
Grant BudayStranger on a Strange Island (New Star Books) (non-fiction)
Steve Burgess Who Killed Mom? A Delinquent Son’s Meditation on Family, Mortality, and Very Tacky Candles (Greystone Books)
Don Calame Beat the Band (Candlewick Press) (YA)
Norma Charles Run Marco, Run (Ronsdale Press) (YA)
Kevin ChongBeauty Plus Pity (Arsenal Pulp Press) (fiction)
Kristeva Dowling Chicken Poop for the Soul: A Year in Search of Food Sovereignty (Caitlin)
John Furlong Patriot Hearts (D & M Publishers) (non-fiction)
Charlotte Gill Eating Dirt: Field Notes on Deep Forests, Big Timber and Life with the Tree-Planting Tribe (Greystone Books)
Jen Sookfong Lee The Better Mother (Knopf Canada)(fiction)
David Lester The Listener (Arbeiter Ring) (graphic novel)
Donato ManciniBuffet World (New Star Books) (poetry)
Robin McConnell Inkstuds (Conundrum) (interviewed by Sean Cranbury)
Kevin McNeillyEmbouchure (Nightwood Editions) (poetry)
Garry Thomas Morse Discovery Passages (Talonbooks) (poetry)
Georgia Nicols You and Your Future: Your Signs, Your In-Depth Personality Patterns, Your 40-Year Horoscopes (Anansi)
Andrew Nikiforuk Empire of the Beetle (Greystone Books) (non-fiction)
Michael V. Smith Progress (Cormorant) (novel)
Barbara StewartCampie (Heritage House Publishing) (non-fiction)
Rob TaylorThe Other Side of Ourselves (Cormorant Books) (poetry)
Timothy Taylor The Blue Light Project (Knopf Canada) (novel)
Shirley Jean Roll TuckerThe Amazing Foot Race of 1921 (Heritage House Publishing) (non-fiction)
John Vaillant The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival (Random House Canada)
Calvin WhartonThe Song Collides (Anvil Press) (poetry)

Woo hoo!


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