Panels and workshops galore – Oh my!

September 1, 2011

Check out this great list of Word On The Street Vancouver panels and workshops, taking place on Sat. Sept. 24 at Carnegie Centre and Sun. Sept. 25 at Library Square. All Free! Full programming details on our website, wordonthestreet.ca,and programs hitting the streets in the next few days! (check our older posts for other programming details announced)

The Art of the Review (Irina Kovlyova, Joni Low, Andrew Morrison, Andrea Warner)

The Book Broads: Angela Crocker, Kim Plumleu, and Peggy Richardson Book Business Plans (Angela Crocker, Kim Plumley, Peggy Richardson)

Canadian Authors Association Presents “Writers Helping Writers” (Anthony Dalton, Bernice Lever)

Cartooning Workshop with Robin Thompson (Robin Thompson)

Comic Critiques (Jeff Ellis, Carina Piccioni, Steve Rolston, Mary Karaplis, Leonard S. Wong, Jonathon Dalton, Tara C. Carmichael, Kim Glennie, James Lloyd, Sydney More, Jenna Sokalski, Jesse Davidge)

Demystifying Mystery Writing (Elizabeth Elwood, Debra Purdy Kong, Robin Spano, Donaldson Yarmey)

History in the Taking: Adventures in Social Writing with Elee Kraljii Gardiner & Michael Turner (Elee Kraljii, Michael Turner)

How to Get Published Panel (Brian Kaufman, Bob Kronbauer, Clélie Rich, Melody Poirier)

How to Make a Chapbook: An Info Session and Workshop for Controlling the Means of Production (Mercedes Eng)

Make a Collage Button Pin with Laura Bucci (Laura Bucci)

Memoir-Writing Workshop with Madeline Sonik (Madeline Sonik)

Writing the Political Poem (Mercedes Eng, Christine Leclerc, Cecily Nicholson, Reg Johanson)

Writing WHAT WE WANT = Writing a Manifesto (Margot Leigh Butler)

You Gotta Know Where You Come From To Know Where You’re Going (Charles Demers, Grant Lawrence, Merdith Quartermain, Timothy Taylor, Cathleen With)



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