Meet me at the Mainstage!

September 16, 2011

THE MAINSTAGE at Robson and Homer Street is festival central on Sunday September 25, the foot-stomping and arm-waving hub where host David C. Jones will introduce musical and cultural acts throughout the day:

11:00 Literary Writes 2011 Awards & Author Readings with The Federation of BC Writers BC writers bring fiction short stories to a whole new level! The Federation of BC Writers, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive provincial writers’ organization, honours the three winners of their 23rd annual Literary Writes Competition. Entries in this year’s chosen genre were judged by George Fetherling, recipient of the prestigious Harbourfront Prize for his substantial contribution to Canadian letters.

12:00 The Carnival Band is a 30-piece, fulltilt boogie brass band explosion from East Vancouver that plays funk, calypso, samba, and world-beat for you to cut a rug to! Under the musical direction and spiritual leadership of Ross Raymond Barrett and Tim Sars, The Carnival Band believes that community music is a way to empower individuals.

12:45 The Ukesters are a ukulele ensemble that came out of Ruby’s Ukes Ukulele School in Vancouver. They play once a month at the Cafe Montmartre and build their varied repertoire of swing, jazz, folk, and other interesting tunes. Their sense of fun and love of playing the ukulele makes them a popular addition to the Ukulele craze! Joining them will be teacher and mentor Guido Heistek.

1:25 The Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration (VIBC) Society is a not-forprofit organization dedicated to elevating and promoting the dance form of bhangra. Bhangra is Punjabi folk music and a dance originating in Northern India. The VIBC Society presents events and performances to entertain and educate all communities about this beautiful and high-energy dance form.

1:45 Yuaikai Ryukyu Taiko is an Okinawan taiko dance group which started in Metro Vancouver in 2004 with members of the Vancouver Okinawa-ken Yuaikai (Friendship Association). Okinawa is a prefecture in southern Japan in the Ryukyu Islands. The group aims to be ambassadors of Okinawan folk performing art in which Okinawan style drumming and dancing combine together, along with traditional as well as contemporary Okinawan music. The members are a mix of generations which reflects a true presentation of grassroots folk art.

2:30 Vancouver Youth Theatre—Why Justice? Vancouver Youth Theatre’s Teen Ensemble presents Why Justice?, a humourous, thought provoking and original piece written collaboratively by teen actors from BC’s Lower Mainland in partnership with VYT directors, with great music by local guitarist and singer songwriter Glenn Chatten, with Ross Fairbairn. Vancouver Youth Theatre is a non-profit society dedicated to the inspiration and education of young actors ages 5–18.

3:15 Lion Dancing—The Shon Yee Benevolent Association of Canada was founded in 1914 in Vancouver, BC for the purpose of uniting and helping people from Zhongshan, China. Over the years, branches in Victoria, BC and Calgary, AB were established. The Martial Arts group is one of many clubs of Shon Yee’s Athletic division. They train in traditional kung fu, wushu, and lion and
dragon dancing.

3:35 Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam Team 2011 is made up of Erin Kirsh, Shayna Virginillo, Mike Johnston, Francis Arevalo, and Youth Slam Champion Mo Lawrence. With a careful balance of light and dark, funny and thought-provoking, sarcastic and serious, heart-breaking and heart-warming, these poets hope to have tickled each of your emotions after you’ve listened.

4:20 The Upbeats are a community-based group of dedicated drummers who were bitten by the rhythm bug several years ago and have been advancing their skills and their love of percussion under the skillful hand of master drummer Joseph Pepe Danza. Performing traditional rhythms from Africa and Latin America, The Upbeats have learned that to play the music, they have to feel the music—and they hope you will, too.

All festival info at: http://www.thewordonthestreet.ca/wots/vancouver

See you there!


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