Our 18th Year and Still Full of Surprises!

November 6, 2012

We here at The Word On The Street Vancouver would like to thank everyone for all their support in making this year’s 18th annual festival yet another success!

Continuing with our three-day programming, attendees again got a chance to visit Banyen Books & Sound, The Historic Joy Kogawa House and Carnegie Centre alongside our usual appearances at the downtown Vancouver Public Library and Library Square.

Straight from the festival grounds, highlights included readings by such notable figures as W.P. Kinsella (author of Butterfly Winter) and Brian Calvert & Chris Cannon (authors of America, but Better: The Canada Party Manifesto). The appearance of well-known Canadian actor, Jackson Davies (aka Constable John Constable from The Beachcombers) was a major hit with the crowd.

Premiering for 2012, we also introduced to audiences “The Unwritten Word,” a new programming initiative exploring the power and impact of story that is not in written form. Key components included Reliquum, a 48 foot long photo exhibition showcasing the inspirations of library and publishing figures from across Canada and abroad, and documentation of The St. George Rainway, Vancouver’s first sanctioned street art mural.

Thanks again to all our sponsors, various panelists, presenters and performers, and in particular our dedicated team of volunteers. We look forward to seeing everyone again in our 19th year!

Above: Close up detail of Reliquum 
Curated by WOTS 2012 site art coordinator, Samson Tam.




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